Morkies are a designer breed.  They are a mix of Yorkies and Maltese.  Although no two babies are the same, Morkies can take on two diffrent appearences.  They can resemble a Yorkie in color with blond instead of tan around the face and legs.  They can also be golden in color but look more like the Maltese.  They are very loving and have a great personality.  



This handsome little dude was born on 2-12-19,  I think he may end up being 7-8lbs.  I'm not for sure I will keep you posted as he gets a little older.

This guy is sold.


Updated 3-8-19

I have another litter that was born this week.  They will be the tan color as adults...I'm guessing they will be 5-7lbs full grown.  1 boy 2 girls, (one girl is sold) boys are $500 and girls are $600.  I will post pics when they get their eyes open if they are still available.