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Morkies are a designer breed.  They are a mix of Yorkies and Maltese.  Although no two babies are the same, Morkies can take on two diffrent appearences.  They can resemble a Yorkie in color with blond instead of tan around the face and legs.  They can also be golden in color but look more like the Maltese.  They are very loving and have a great personality.  




This is Marcy's litter!  They are all boys born on 4-13-20.  They should be on the smaller side 5-6lbs, full grown.

The Parti boy is $650 and the other boys are $500.

This litter is sold



These are Snowflake's babies.  There are 2 boys and 1 girl.  The girl is on the right this week!

They will be $650 for the boys and $750 for the girl.

This litter is sold




This is Sasifrass's little girl, she was the only one in her litter!  

She is Sold

 This litter of Morkies was born on the 17th  These are Summer's boys, 

The girls are $600 and the boys are $500

These babies are sold.

These are the girls





These are my daughters litter, there are 4 girls, and 2 boys and they were born on April 13th.

They are all sold

The girls are $600.




These are the boys to the litter above....They are sold

Updated 5-17-20